I'm beginning to edit years of dialogs. I've always taken on the most inducted and conducted. I knew I was doing it for the children. I'm editing these for the kids so they can fix adults too.

Johnny NatureHack Merrill,

In 2014 we will free Galileo from jail and physics will rule because we two timed mankind. Happy New Year Friends!

H.h: Happy new year mate

JNM: Love you brother. It's going to be a great year. You're a warrior!

H.h: You are a warrior too, thats why I am your bro, but I don't understand what you are meaning most of the time...ahahahahahahah

JNM: Catholics spearheaded mankind timing of children with alphabetic technology. Governments perfected it with 12+ years of education. you are still victim.

JNM: Do not be afraid of two timing the words in your head. it surpasses the capture of fire. if we as a species do not two time mankind, fire is all that will be left.

H.h: I think I understand that, but practically speaking, if you get rid of education and the alphabet then a lot of people will die because of it, world economies will collapse and there will be a fight for survival, only the fittest and strongest and fittest will survive.

JNM: It's not the language. it's the timing of the language. some words need us to exist and some do not. when we install language in children we mankind time time because the language is install is based on one class of time.

JNM: I used to joke, if adults lived on skis they'd be running into trees and the children would be skiing fine. We are not designed to have all that mankind timed babble ruling our head.

H.h: I can agree with that, but this whole thing, 7 billion humans depend on it. we realistically dont have to like it, but unless you want to exterminate 7 billion people i cannot see what can be done.

JNM: every cell of your body wants your mind in time and conducting mankind. not the other way around like now.

H.h: I think, you have created your own language for some thing I may have been talking about for a long time.

JNM: I've always been the instructors in instructor on the dock or snow. I've been studying the child adult dichotomy since i was a little kid. It will sure feel good to get this progression done and put into action. Two timing mankind surpasses the capture of fire.

H.h: what do you mean by progression?

JNM: Mankind's mind is timed to a flat earth map. children are not. The ObjectLogic Progression to Freedom is a path between the two. GalileoTime CrowdFounders of Indiegogo are the trail blazers.