It must have been millions of years before SinglePhase Energy realized more freedom as MultiPhase. The two phases of NatalBiology.

NatalBiology has three Classes. In Identity we explored NatalBiology as a Conductor. We will explore NatalBiology as fuel in the ObjectLogic Progression to Love. Here we explore NatalBiology as External Memory Storage.

We automate to evolve. When we learned to walk it took all our thought. Now we walk and barely think about it. Walking memory is stored in NatalBiology.

We're reautomaing from LanguageLogic back to ObjectLogic. It can be easy. It can be hard. It depends on how long you've been walking. ;-)

I'm a man, I don't get a free reset. But I feel the same as mothers do for their baby. I serve babies 10,000 years from now. Thanks to technology babies of the future see me better than I see the past. I live for the future. I live for their Freedom. I'm a healthy cell of Mankind's body. I stand proud. Men join me now.

Women, the Energy in charge of building a baby takes care of the business at every step. As soon as the baby gets too large inside, the Energy makes elaborate preparations to disconnect the baby from the inside. Food is prepared and delivered to the baby on the outside. The food is so properly proportioned that baby gets everything necessary for the further development. Someone must have the same behavior and state as inside body. The Energy takes possession of your mind and you are compelled to think that your baby is only object in the world. You will sacrifice your life and everything, if necessary, to save your baby. ObjectLogic MultiPhase Energy.

SDL keeps mothers and babies MultiPhase so we are the last of our kind.

Men, GalileoTime is our reset. It's mechanical but it's there. Women ruled in Oral Culture. Let's make them proud and step up now.

The Fragile Natural Right

ObjectLogic is like the scent of a flower. Once the scent is gone, it's gone forever... until GalileoTime. GalileoTime keeps children sweet.

The children and the future are counting on us to be worthy of resetting humanity. Thinking with Objects is the only way to think. Children already do. Once back on ObjectLogic you'll be worthy of pushing reset.

When a computer is corrupt, it is out of time. We may not want to reset our computer but we must. The corruption compounds. After we reset our computer everything is better. The scent is back, freedom. The GalileoTime System Design Reset.

Millions of children are losing their scent due to a SinglePhase language install. Please let the children's jeopardy encapsulate you just like a mommy.


HeadFlagging Emotional Grunts

What if you could not do dishes at home? You can eat but you can't do dishes at home. That's the law. Dishes are stacking up and up and up.

In time home becomes unlivable. Stinky food everywhere, rats making themselves at home, but if you do the dishes you'll get arrested and ridiculed. Mankind Timed Law says no washing dishes. It's year 2014. Word-slaves do what the law says, not what's right.

The Energy says do the dishes. External Memory says no. The dirty dishes are words in our head. An emotional attachment any word is a dirty dish. HeadFlag!

Words are maps to objects. Objects are from one of two classes, System Design or Mankind Design. Don't be conducted by Mankind Timed grunts. Clean the kitchen!

Honest Use Of Language Is A Skill Learned On GalileoTime.

All Alphabetic Technology needs to be Objectized for the children. There are 6000 variations of human language and 20 some alphabets. GalileoTime Objectizes all language because all System Design reserved words are the same.

I'm Objectizing English and I'm starting with my four syllable reserved words.

Four Syllable Reserved Words California Style

ENCAPSULATE. ObjectLogic returns the self-contained, encapsulated, unit of Thinking Energy we are born. I am encapsulating you. I want you mirroring and representing every cell of your body like a mommy. What others think of you is none of your business. Live as the System Design and be the best life you can be.

In programming we encapsulate the behavior of our code into specialties like cells of our body.

POLYMORPHIC. Adaptable, under any condition you perform your specialty. Nothing gets in your way. It's your life. It's your death. You do what you have to, to do what you must.

In programming our code is polymorphic when called upon just like us. We keep energy free.

PHENOMENA. Communicate Phenomena, that's what I'm doing here. ObjectLogic is phenomena based. Observable to all /|\oving life with technology. Object phenomena must dominate thought. ObjectLogic grows the mind like math.

COMMUNICATE. Communicate is a word mapping to many objects of communication. From smoke signals to today, we could have predicted the Internet from the System Design.

HeadFlag all five and larger syllable words. If you find one that maps to an object as physical as at Walmart or Oral Culture let me know.

HeadFlag, what's a HeadFlag?
Once the Energy is free and ObjectLogic is at the wheel, you'll know a SinglePhase feeling. All we own is how we feel. If you feel less than good about anything.., it's your fault, you're not thinking with Objects. Take ownership of the Energy with HeadFlags.

Three syllable grunts are the big sort. You'll be throwing HeadFlags on three syllable words, mapping them to objects, and surprisingly objects will start detonating your thought. You've regained encapsulation. The fragile MultiPhase feeling returns. You trust yourself above language, above government. You're one System Design Encapsulated unit of Thinking Energy. That's how it happened for me.

Once Mankind Timed Emotional Grunts are Identified, one and two syllable words are a fascinating sort. You'll be studying the development of alphabetic technology from an ObjectLogic Prospective. There's so much to be discovered.

Imagine a bunch of dumb apes naming things. Imagine a bunch of dumb apes following them. Look in the mirror, you follow no one.

ObjectLogic Is Binary

1=Object 0=NilObject

Our minds and body want us thinking with objects as solid as rocks.

The SDL drawing above represents my father raising me from one earth, from one System Design. It guided me to here today. Hi Dad, miss you.

Like Schroedinger's Cat, every word in our head is an object in a box. We must look inside the box and IDBEST. Is the word dead or alive? Does the word map to an Object or NilObject? Is the grunt System Design or Mankind Design?

With every box opened the freedom of youth returns as the overcode goes away. Living as designed with a clear mind on GalileoTime is the only way to live. We live for a blink of an eye. Let objects lead the way.


Behavior of each equals the Freedom of all.

Edited from Nels Quevli's Book: Cell Intelligence
In a community the complete function of life is specialized. Some individuals perform one kind of labor while others have adapted themselves to the requirements of another specific function. There are those engaged in banking, while others are engaged in transportation. There are specilists making storage their business, their life function, while others raise cattle and provide food for the rest. The doctors, the lawyers, the many specialists who perform peculiar labors which are essential to the happiness and success of the community.

Identically, the same specialization prevails in the body. All cells have developed some specialty under the influence of a conscious energy. They perform a special labor in the body for the benefit of the community. In return they are supplied with the necessities of life just as the farmer has his clothes made by another, his coal dug by another and his implements manufactured by another. Who, in turn, receive the benefit of the farmer's labor in return.

The body, as in a civilized state, there is co-operation, organization, and specialization of the individuals. It is clearly seen that the entire community of cells, or the body, throughout all of its organs, performs the labor necessary for freedom in harmony with, and in spite of, the many adverse conditions of the present age.

My friend, we are healthy cells of mankind's body. Trust yourself, do what you do...

Grow Your Einstein Inside.

An Einstein of your specialty is inside. You must grow your Einstein out. If you are not chasing your dreams, you are not living. There's no middle ground.

IDBEST SPECIALTY ADDICTION. I'm addicted to air, water, food, all kinds of stuff. We're made for addiction. Without addiction, as an object, we'd be dead. Without a Specialty Addiction we get addicted to the wrong stuff.

I'm saying live as designed from your home, our home, welcome home...

We're Forces Of Nature With Technology

Part of our day was stolen. Our reward historic. We're the first humans home.

Above all language, above all government, above all past knowledge, our generation, me and you, the first generation worthy of the System Design with Technology. Everything needs Objectizing by forces of nature like us.

A unique relationship with the future. Another Natural Right discovered. Another Natural Right recovered. Grow your specialty for freedom and I'll grow mine. The behavior of each equals the freedom of all. Let's grow, grow, grow.