Johnny Merrill

Not since Socrates and the first libraries could one person put together the world's knowledge in a different better way. So I did.

Over 10 years ago I locked myself into a beautiful due-dilligence prision with Internet, nature, and critters. I have shared the last few years on Facebook.

I've been locked up so long I've never sent a text from a phone. I'm looking foward to invading the Twitter.

On Youtube there are videos going back for years.

The critters taught me ObjectLogic. Technology owned me too. I ride technology as /|\oving Life thanks to the SDL Critters.

Puffy Ruffy Dufus

Ruffy weighed 85 pounds when rescued. He's 150 now.

The only attention Ruffy got was when he ran away. There are no fences here. Ruffy decided to stay. Me and Ruffy are the boys.

Minnie Diva

The Diva. Minnie in the middle. Minnie loves you so much, she's wants to climb inside you.

Minnie is a loving force of nature. I can't out love Minnie.

The people I rescued her from thought she was mentally ill. Nope, she just needed love. Best dog ever.

Bossy Blossom

She owns me. I'm her servant. Her toy.

Blossom is in charge. She owns the outside and lets me know if she needs me. She's self-contained.

Blossom has a helicopter tail. She gets Wiggly Waggly Front an Backy.

Scardy Cat

Scardy does not need us. She does not like catfood. Scardy is a hunter. Sometimes we don't see her for days.

When Scaredy is home she's with Blossom. Her best friend. I'm jealous.

Petting Scaredy is an honor.


LoveLove loves love. She's sharp when you pick her up. Lovie's little claws come out and hook ya like a fish.

She likes being held and cuddled in bed.

LoveLove is Scaredy sister. I could only tell them apart by behavior.

Leelee The Saint Bermule

Leelee the big girl of the house. The front door grazer cutting trail for the hoofed.

Leelee is a new breed of mule known as a Saint Bermule. She hangs with Saints as if she is one. I never knew a hoofed animal could be so sweet.

We live where the fire danger is high and Leelee's job is gardening. Leelee is not allowed into the house but she opens the front door with her mouth.