IDBEST Freedom 10 Jan 2014


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
~Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. Nikola Tesla lit it up. Nikola Tesla got electrictity to our home.

Thinking Energy, Thinking Electro/|\agnetism, is subject to the same physics as the electricity. But it thinks, it rides biology, and it rings in our ears.

SDL proves Nikola Tesla's prediction true with the Electro/|\agnetic prospective. With it, as one body of mankind, we live a billion years in both directions...

Do you see how the Energy Object projects billions of years in both directions on GalileoTime?

How many more generations of humanity will the earth support? From an Energy prospective the kids will project it. As Tesla predicted, we are now growing and growing rapidly.

I think of objects being like biological cells and/or individual computers on a network, only able to communicate with messages.~Alan Kay

The Electro/|\agnetic Prospective was discovered by Alan Kay who modeled the way we program computers after how biology communicates as energy.

SDL hacks nature like a computer program. IDBEST is presented so children will gain control over machines with their language install thanks to SDL adults.

In short, we "think as energy" to program machines, we "live as energy" to live as designed and know it.

Over ten years ago I secluded myself in the Central Sierras of California with critters and Internet to solve the child-adult logic dichotomy.

I grew up on water skis teaching and competing. It always embarrassed me to reset the logic of an adult. My heart ached for the children. A chance to fix it arose, so I took it.

From nature, I've taken Alan Kay's Energy Object and applied it to humanity based on being /|\oving Life with technology and a programming language named Ruby.


In this section, IDENTITY, we establish the physics of Inheritance. In BEHAVIOR we Encapsulate so MultiPhase feelings fire as you represent every cell of your body. In STATE, we become one Polymorphic body of Mankind based on two classes of time and grow freedom from generation to generation forever.


Tuning into /|\oving Life

A tree gets it's freedom locally. If a tree was to move for freedom it would need our share of Energy, /|\oving life. Nevertheless, cut arm, cut bark, Internal /|\emory reacts the same. Biology is a conductor.

Someday we will tune into every organ, every cell. Tesla knew what was ahead of us. Do it now, like radio stations on a dial visualize Thinking Electro/|\agnetism and your share, /|\oving Life.

INHERITANCE. Above the line defines System Design Natural Rights. Above the line we make decisions based where we are from. Above the line does not need us to exist...

If we remove dolphins from earth, what would dolphins leave behind? Their bones.

If we remove mankind from earth, what would we leave behind? The EM Object. Everything unique to us as one single object.

Since the first cave paintings of 40,000 years ago the EM Object, ConductBiology, Technology, has been compounding like cells of a baby.

No species ever had two biologies before. We're the first generation to realize it and we're mixed up.

This is easy, the physics of Inheritance reveal the System Design and Mankind Design and a predictable Thinking Energy.

The future will System Design perpetual governments growing freedom based on the Electro/|\agnetic Prospective and GalileoTime. There's only one Earth.

The Three BasicObjects Of System Design

Next time you lay down, close your eyes and take possession of the Energy. Think as Energy and relax your body.

As you apply the SDL Objects you'll feel freedom because everything makes sense again. Your mind becomes clear and purposeful because we're missing fundamentals that must be enforced rapidly for the Children.


As children we felt the shifts as our minds were Mankind Timed, as we were shifted to LanguageLogic. Our body no longer trusting our logic treats us like cancer. Our body wants us back. ObjectLogic makes behavior an energy calculation. Here's what I'm saying diagrammed...

Our Lives,
ObjectLogic Freedom > LanguageLogic Induction > ObjectLogic Freedom

We are the first of our kind home. Many generations before us have died suffering a LanguageLogic Induction. We're the first to break it.

It's all about children. We must put them at the wheel before it's too late. Are you ready?

Coach here, Identity is the beginner lesson. Our goal is having Objects Detonate your thought above all language just like we're born. You don't need me after System Design Literacy.

KIDS. The ObjectLogic Progression To Freedom is made so you can consume it as a whole. If no mankind timed word-parrot is babbling in your head, carry on. If there is babble, your objects are mixed up. Take a break, relax, come back.

ADULTS. We'll be killing the word-parrot installed in our heads for the rest of our lives. Break the LanguageLogic Induction based on Objects not needing us to exist and freedom happens naturally.