Since the first cave paintings ConductBiology has been compounding like cells of a baby. One cell producing two, two producing four, 8, 16, a viral phenomena seen everywhere in the System Design.

ConductBiology inherited behavior from NatalBiology but it has behaviors all its own. It does not die. It's never alive. We must conduct, or it conducts. It grows and grows and nobody knows, until us.

Generation after generation the ConductBiology Object lives on. Unacknowledged it's been conducting us more and more. Its got us, it's conduct or be conducted.

Why do people fly airplanes into buildings? Because they are conducted.

How we install language into children effects every aspect of their life. Imprecise, dishonest language use steals Internal Freedom. We're living a technological accident no fault of the living. No one wants to be conducted by technology.

The rise is school shootings are conducted children protesting. Full jails, war, the conducted protesting. Every generation growing more Mankind Design inducted and virally more dangerous.

I see a Holiday where we turn off all Mankind Design electrical. A Holiday measuring the Thinking Energy health of us and our planet as one. What a Holiday it will be. Sounds like 4-20 to me.

Move your Finger, Model the Internet

One Thinking Energy revolves the sun. Out of phase with any, out of phase with all. I'm a cell, you're a cell, we are Mankind's body. Move your finger, model the Internet, represent SinglePhase to MultiPhase history within our species.

The Energy is ahead of us. GalileoTime catches us up. A MultiPhase Internet follows. All thanks to us.


System Design Natural Rights

Are Not Subject To Mankind Design

Gravity, math, shaping forces, predictable forces, are examples of Natural Law. Moving Life realizes and utilizes Natural Law. We have Natural Rights.

Natural Rights violations are the reason our species is corrupt. Today, it's a human right to violate a Child's Natural Rights.

What's your specialty my friend? This is our short day and the children are watching. We're enforcing Natural Rights not needing us to exist.

What's wrong with us is Mechanical.

Every generation gets smarter thanks to ConductBiology. Children will fix everything.

Mankind Timed our species easily consumes over a 1000 years of earth resources per day. Doing this violates the Future's Natural Rights. A Mankind Timed Adult is an earth parasite.

SDL gives us the tools to stand up to the conducted. To set them free. To help them live as designed on GalileoTime. They don't want to be like they are. They want to be free.

The American Dream Of Peace And Freedom

California is my home, the last freedom in America. America, the last Freedom on Earth. We're riders in a bigger picture. We're energy escaping induction to freedom.

We are the last inducted, the last conducted. The Energy is polymorphic. It's predictable. It's repeats itself true. It wants freedom.

Tell yourself no next time you have pee. Not instituting GalileoTime is the same. In your mind, the induction grows and grows until you class your words by time and live on GalileoTime.


The Great Rift in Africa moved us from the jungle to the plains. As easy pray, we got a club, and we stood up to the lions. Walking upright, with different clubs, we still dominate the landscape today. GalileoTime is the club of all clubs.

Decision making is mechanical on GalileoTime. GalileoTime clears the overcode out. GalileoTime grows freedom peacefully. GalileoTime makes honest language use a skill growing freedom from generation to generation.

Children Are Born SDL

PARENTS WITH CHILDREN. Every child is an ObjectLogic Research Scientist. These tools keep them that way. I'm handing them off to you. You must reinstall language and give children the System Design. Free your children from LanguageLogic induction before it's too late.

TEENS. This is your world. Take it. You are smarter than adults. Trust Objects not Mankind Timed abc'koolaid.

ADULTS. GalileoTime protects a child's ObjectLogic. Trust the children. Set the children up. Trees don't turn into frogs like us.

The behavior of each equals the freedom of all

The Energy Object speaks for itself inside and out. We know so little.

Invite all politicians, all scientists, everyone on Earth, to defeat System Design Literacy and they will discover freedom too. No one wants to live against the Energy ringing in our ears.

It wants freedom. It wants us leave the world better. GalileoTime links us and nature. Share, share, share and feel the freedom grow.

Why do I ask for tips? So kids have the freedom to move out of cities. So kids live light on the land with gratuity in hand. And that arrow you rode in on, it was shot from a flat earth, I want the tip. This is life or death. You don't need me after System Design Literacy.